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Keep the Eleven

Paving the Resurgence of Rock

James Levin, Elmore Pedals

"Emerging from Nashville by way of Chicago, Keep the Eleven is an electrifying and dynamic new band. With a three-piece garage-rock setup... the band captures the spirit of angsty teenage energy while exhibiting a surprisingly effortless maturity across their entire catalog."


Keep The Eleven is a garage-rock band originally from the suburbs of Chicago and relocated to continue their education in Nashville, TN at Belmont University. Made up of William Laskey (Drums), Reece Bittner (Guitars, Vocals), and Adam Caruso (Bass guitar), the trio has been captivating crowds all across Tennessee and Illinois. After listening to their music and seeing them play countless shows all over Nashville, we consider them to be a ground-breaking new band, leading a brand-new resurgence of rock that speaks to all generations.


Keep The Eleven's first show in Nashville was at Belmont University Battle of the Bands to a crowd of over 3,000. This launched Keep The Eleven's Nashville career, since then they are known for their fun lively performances that urge everybody in the crowd to dance. In February 2023, Keep the Eleven played at Brooklyn Bowl Nashville as apart of Summer Camp Music Festival: On the Road, their largest show yet! Summer of 2022, Keep The Eleven visited home to play Bitter Jester Music Festival in Chicagoland at Billy Corgan's popular venue/restaurant Madame Zuzu's, where Adam Caruso received Bitter Jester's 2022 MVP Award for Outstanding Bass which brought them back into the eyes of Chicago's thriving music scene. All of this and countless more packed nights at clubs and venues around the Nashville area, including Exit/IN, The End, DRKMTTR, The East Room, over the course of only two years. 


"While the audience caught their breath through applause and cheers, Keep the Eleven took to the front of the stage to bow, taking in that they just played Brooklyn Bowl for the first time and certainly not the last."

"The happy-go-lucky sound is cut with lyrics about the hardships, difficulties, and somber emotions that go along with loving someone who’s so far away. ‘888’ takes the listeners through a whirlwind of emotions."

"We either could sit and wait for COVID, you know, go away, but we kind of thought about it like we just need to take this advantage right now... we had unlimited time."

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Reece Bittner
William Laskey
Adam Caruso
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