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Keep the Eleven

Paving the Resurgence of Rock

James Levin, Elmore Pedals

"Emerging from Nashville by way of Chicago, Keep the Eleven is an electrifying and dynamic new band. With a three-piece garage-rock setup... the band captures the spirit of angsty teenage energy while exhibiting a surprisingly effortless maturity across their entire catalog."


Keep the Eleven is the electrifying force to reckon with in the Nashville underground scene. Hailing from the garages and basements of Chicagoland, the up-and-coming band is making a loud and unforgettable mark on the music world. Formed in 2019, Keep the Eleven brings together three passionate and revolutionary souls whose fierce determination is matched only by their undeniable talent.

Keep the Eleven’s music is a raw take from the next generation, with honest unapologetic lyrics coupled with fast and complex rhythms, that capture the essence of punk's golden era while infusing a free-flowing contemporary edge. Fueled by their shared love for rock and punk's DIY ethos, Keep the Eleven is gaining traction throughout the Nashville collegiate-scene pulling big crowds for sold out unforgettable shows.

With high-energy performances that leave audiences in awe, Keep the Eleven is carving their own path to become better and better. As they continue to disrupt the norm and challenge the status quo of what’s expected of the next generation, it's only a matter of time before their revolutionary sound conquers the hearts of punk aficionados worldwide. Watch out for Keep the Eleven as they reshape the music world and beyond.


"While the audience caught their breath through applause and cheers, Keep the Eleven took to the front of the stage to bow, taking in that they just played Brooklyn Bowl for the first time and certainly not the last."

"The happy-go-lucky sound is cut with lyrics about the hardships, difficulties, and somber emotions that go along with loving someone who’s so far away. ‘888’ takes the listeners through a whirlwind of emotions."

"We either could sit and wait for COVID, you know, go away, but we kind of thought about it like we just need to take this advantage right now... we had unlimited time."

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Reece Bittner
William Laskey
Adam Caruso
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